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A virtual group for learning + practicing meditation based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Are you ready to stop struggling & reap the benefits of a regular meditation practice that you actually enjoy?

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Meditation is an indispensable part of the yoga practice. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes your own personal sanctuary and the rewards are incredible:

• calms mental disturbances, helping to alleviate stress, worry, anxiety, hopelessness


• connects you to your True Nature, helping you access your natural resilience, self-worth, optimism, and feelings of peace / compassion / ease / belonging / wholeness


establishes you in the present moment, helping you reclaim your power of choice, break stubborn & harmful habits, and remember the simple joy of being alive


• offers a whole host of other scientifically-backed benefits from reducing inflammation and boosting immunity, to improved focus and increased creativity




And yet, so many people struggle with it. In my teaching career, I've witnessed hundreds of students attempt to start or deepen their meditation practice, and most of the time, it's an uphill battle. Maybe this sounds familiar...


• Do you have a meditation practice, but can't seem to stick to it consistently?


• Do you feel like your practice isn't translating into benefits in your daily life as you know it could? Does it feel "hit or miss"?


• Or if your meditation practice non-existent, do you wish you had one (or feel guilty that as a yoga practitioner you "should" be meditating and you're not)?



Whichever one best describes you, you're in the right place. Even if you've *hated* meditation in the past, don't worry, there's nothing wrong with you!


In this group program, you'll find your path to developing a meditation practice that feeds and sustains you - a practice you love so much you won't skip it. Better yet, you'll be in excellent company along the way. If this sounds good so far, read on...



You and a maximum of 7 other people. The program size is limited to 8 per group. That way we can get to know each other and  everyone has time to share on the calls. All calls are facilitated by Alicia.

This program is for curious, committed yoga practitioners at any level of skill / experience. Beginners are welcome.


This is a meditation course based on the teachings of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. We will cover the final 4 limbs of the 8-limbed path:

- Pratyahara (directing the senses)

- Dharana (cultivating focus)

- Dhyana (effortless meditation)

- Samadhi (enlightened being)

The course has a strong focus on practical & experiential learning. For more details, see below.


Starting April 11, calls will be held every Thursday at 3pm or 8pm BST. (Check your time zone!) The calls will be 60 - 90 minutes in length. The entire program runs for 7 weeks, so the last call will be on May 23.

If these times don't work for you, you can request alternate times on the contact form below. If there is enough interest, another group will be added.


We'll meet every week for seven weeks in a private Zoom room (like a group Skype call) so you will need either wifi access and your laptop, or a phone signal and your mobile / landline if you want to dial in.

The community aspect is an integral part of the course, so please arrange to be present on the calls.


module one: Introduction

Patanjali & the Yoga Sutras

We will discuss:

• Who was Patanjali, what are the Yoga Sutras, and why that knowledge is important.

• The essence of meditation as contained in the first 4 Yoga Sutras.

• Aspects of the mind: negativity bias, desire for safety, reptile / mouse / monkey levels of the human brain. Approaching practice as your personal relationship with your mind.

• The existence of an Inner True Nature that is not the mind, as described by Patanjali.


Blue Abstract

This is a beta-run of this course, meaning it's a trial period to work out any kinks and get your feedback. Ultimately, this will be a 14-week program at a higher price point.


The price includes:

• 7 facilitated group calls over 7 weeks where you will have space to

share your experience and receive support & feedback

• 7 in-depth video lessons on meditation, yours to review for the life of the program,

plus downloadable text summaries

• 10 downloadable audio practices which are yours to keep

• small group size to foster deeper connections and receive personal mentorship

• discounted access to future group course spaces


For this initial phase, the price is:


£497 GBP

£297 GBP

*If you would sincerely like to participate and cost is stopping you, or if you'd prefer a payment plan, please email Alicia at

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Questions? Requests?

Thanks for getting in touch! We'll reply soon.


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