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Privacy Policy

  • This policy pertains to data collected on the website

  • Data is collected via this website by Alicia Waters in order to communicate with you about upcoming events with Alicia, new information on the website (like a new blog post or online video), and products and services that you may be interested in (such as online courses with Alicia).

  • If you fill out the newsletter form or an event registration form, you will be added to the newsletter mailing list (the main list - all the event lists are sub-lists), and you will receive Alicia's newsletter.

  • You can opt out of the newsletter mailing list at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter. However if you have registered for an event, you will need to stay on the mailing list at least for the duration of the event to receive any important updates.

  • Only necessary identifying information is kept. For example, to receive the newsletter, only your name and email address is needed. More information may be necessary to register for events, such as your current address, emergency contact, statement that you are in good health and able to participate, etc. All information will be collected directly from you with your consent.

  • Your information will be stored as long as you do not opt out of any mailing lists or email Alicia to request in writing that you be removed.

  • You can request to know what information of yours is being stored, or requests edits to that information, at any time by emailing Alicia at

  • Your contact information and/or identifying information will never be sold or shared with a third party for marketing purposes or for their use.

  • Alicia may occasionally contract third parties to work on the website or mail server. These individuals will have access to your identifying information only when necessary (i.e. if they are doing technical work on the mail server, they may need to be able to log into the account) and then there will be an agreement in place that they are not to record, retain, or otherwise use your information for any reason.

  • Alicia may occasionally use data tracking services such as Google Analytics to monitor website and advertising performance. These data analysis services will not retain your identifying information, but will collect overall data of anonymous users in order to improve the website for everyone's benefit.

  • Alicia and any contracted parties will always do everything possible to protect your data. We respect your privacy and our aim is to use the information you've entrusted us to bring you interesting, inspiring yoga-related content. If at any time you feel that is not the case or want to express any concerns, please be in touch.

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